Today’s blogpost highlights some of my favorite creators and mentors in the field of (graphic) design. Over the years I slowly built up this catalogue of design related media, which I wanted to share with you. I remember studiously scavenging the web for new and refreshing subject matter, so I’m here to make that process easier for my readers.

Must listens

  1. TheFutur
    I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of consuming a lot of long format video, I often find will rapidly carve away precious hours of my day. Chris Do and the rest of the team at TheFutur however provide podcast-style content in a Youtube format, which doesn’t require your constant attention. I’ll often have one of his videos running in the background while working or doing other productive things.
  2. Satori Graphics
    Satori Graphics offers tutorials on various illustrator or general graphic design techniques, but also teaches more abstract subjects regarding human perception, memory and psychology.
  3. Will Paterson
    Will has inspired me on countless occasions. He is a handlettering artist based in the UK that’s converted his traditional paper to print to digital workflow to one that almost strictly happens on the iPad Pro. His content is always creative, inspiring and educational.

Other recommendations



Swerve Tutorials

Ste Bradbury Design


Iroh Design

Gal Shir


Ben G. Kaiser

Spoon Graphics

Juice Foozle

Got any recommendations of your own? Please post them in the comments! Would love to discover some new creators!