My favorite method of consuming digital media has to be through podcasts. I discovered the podcasting scene about 2 years ago and I instantly got addicted to it. If you haven’t tried out any podcasts, I highly suggest doing so as you’ll be amazed how convenient and how much fun learning can actually be. Long train ride? Podcast. Cooking? Podcast. Working? Podcast.

Must listens

  1. Logo Geek
    The Logo Geek is a staple podcaster in the branding & graphic design scene. Ian’s content is highly informative, with interviews and discussions on value based pricing, copyright and trademark law, and much more. If you can handle a heavy British accent, Ian Paget’s podcast will not let you down.
  2. TheFutur
    If you’re into design at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of Chris Do and the rest of the team at TheFutur, therefore I couldn’t help but put them on my list. Their content is easily accessible and relevant for anyone interested in design in the broadest sense, up to creative professionals and seniors in the field.
  3. Gary Vaynerchuck
    Although Gary’s content doesn’t strictly classify as design related, I’ve consumed Gary Vee’s podcasts for hours and hours on end and that’s why he’s number 3 on my list. If you’ve got any entrepreneurial tendencies at all, your inner entrepreneur will truely come alive while listening to Gary Vaynerchuk.

Other recommendations

Perspective Podcast - Fuel for your mind & creative grind

The Creative Gap

Drunk on Lettering

Got any recommendations of your own? Please post them in the comments! Would love to discover some new creators!