I started out on Twitter, for a very long time I looked up against setting up an Instagram page for my freelancing gig. As soon as I budged however, I rapidly grew obsessed with the platform. Right now it’s my number one place for gathering inspiration and connecting with my friends.

Must follows

  1. #printedmatter
    Although this isn’t technically an Instagram page, it’s a collection of very modern and beautifully created art and design. If you’re into typography especially, I highly suggest checking #printedmatter out and following this hashtag on the gram. (Also make sure to check out frequently featured artist Max Salzborn)
  2. Absorb81
    I’ve looked up to Absorb since I started getting into illustration. Throughout the years I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from his work and therefore I’ve put his page on the number 2 spot on the list.
  3. Musketon
    Bert Dries is a Belgian illustration overlord. If you’re following his work, you’ll be amazed at how much ridiculously amazing content the man pumps out every day, week and month. Follow his page for colorful and detail rich artwork that will blow your socks off.

Other recommendations



Bram Vanhaeren